Distributor Benefits

These days it is not enough to have good quality product or low prices in order to sell products. Distributors and end users want to know what else can you do for me? Today, many buyers want to buy from as few suppliers as possible and still receive quality, competitively priced products combined with excellent service. 

BRO-TEX offers one of the most extensive wiper lines of any manufacturer today with over 50 type of cloth and 20 types of paper or nonwoven wipers. To complement the wipers, we offer a wide assortment of tissue and toweling items as well as absorbent products. We can be your one source for your shop, rest room and clean up supplies. To top it off, all of these items are available in private label cartons or custom configurations without excessive minimum order requirements. 
Ask yourself what other converters offer distributor support programs which include product training and traveling with your sales force? We don't just sell you product, we help you sell it to your customers! We will even do blind drop ships assuring our anonymity to your customers. 

So what do you as a distributor get from BRO-TEX?
  • One of the most extensive quality product lines in the industry
  • Wide variety of packaging options
  • Private label packages without large minimum order commitments
  • Custom packaging if necessary
  • Distributor support and product training
  • Blind drop ships to your customer
  • Competitive pricing